Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Hey, do you wanna hear something amazing?

So, I have a story to tell. This story is more about God than about me.

Several years ago I started getting this feeling of dissatisfaction with my job. I love being a paramedic and helping people. I just did not want to do it forever. I have been a paramedic for 10 years. I just wanted to move up or move on. Have you ever felt that way?

As a result of this feeling, I kind of went off a little half-cocked. What I mean by this is I started to brain storm all kinds of scenarios in which I could go to college and work full time, or get promoted, or change to a lateral career path, like firefighting or police. I was basically driving myself batty with what-ifs and maybes. I have ADD anyway, and this was driving my wife and I crazy.

During this time I interviewed for the position of Lieutenant every time it was available. This was three times over about 2 ½ years. Every time I interviewed, I felt like I was a good candidate, but I just was never chosen. Have you ever been passed over, when you felt like you were the better choice? Exactly. It was a large blow to my self-confidence. I would even get angry and want to rage about it. Teagan (my wife) was wise too say it was not yet my time. God would show me when it was time.

Being the intrepid personality that I am, nothing keeps me down for long, and my self-confidence would return rapidly. I have to admit though, after the last interview process in Fall 2009, I really felt that I had it. Once again I was passed over. I just told myself that I didn’t care, even though I really did. In my mind, I just gave up on being promoted. I allowed that dream to die. It was a little sad, but I comforted myself by saying, God must want something else for me. Boy was I an idiot.

What I did not know and had not planed on was God’s timing. I had no idea that He was just waiting for the right moment to bless me. Unknown to me the boss at my job was planning a complete overhaul of the command structure at work. I had no idea, but God did.

Several days ago I was driving back from visiting my sister in Virginia. I was speaking with my wife about my goals and where I wanted to go in the future. I mentioned my desire to move off of the ambulance in the next five years or so.

The next day the boss at work called me into the office. I thought I was in big trouble. Instead I was offered a promotion to Lieutenant. I was stunned. No interview to impress at. No carefully crafted master plan. Just offered on a silver platter.

I accepted, of course. Even though this position is not off of the ambulance, nonetheless it is a step in the right direction.
Here is the key, the moral if you will. I had given up on my dream of promotion. I had never told anyone until now, but I had decided to move on. God had not. God had not given up on me, or my dreams. He had been waiting for the perfect moment to bless me, right when I most needed it.

Please allow this story to remind you, that God has not given up. Not on you or your dreams. I don’t know what they are, but God sure does. He is just waiting for your moment. Be ready to receive what He is anxious to give you.


  1. Wow!!!!Thanks for the reminder!
    Needed to hear this for sure!!!!

  2. still so proud and excited. And I offer this thought: perhaps you had to allow the dream to die in order for God to bring it to life in His way and His time? either way, He has blessed us more than we deserve :)