Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Guns, of course.

Every man should have hobbies. I have decided that one of mine is going to be shooting guns. Why guns? Because I like them, they are fun to shoot, and on the off chance that someone messes with me, my friends, my family, my church, or looks at me kind of funny, I can shoot them too.

I turned 30 recently. When my wife, Teagan, asked me what I wanted I wanted to do for my big three oh, I said, "Shoot stuff." Like many other guys I have several groups of friends. Friends from church, friends from work, and friends from small group, even some crazy friends. In each of these groups of friends, there are several who also shoot guns. So I used my birthday party as an excuse to drag them out and shoot together. It was brilliant! Let me set the stage.
The day was cloudy and 30 degrees out, to start. Over the course of the day the temperature dropped to 18 degrees, I checked. I was fine, but some of the others hid in there cars to warm up.

As you can see it was cold. But this just encouraged more shooting, to heat up the gun barrels to warm up our hands!

I got to pop off a couple of rounds. Like 200.

Some were more serious than others.

As you can see there was plenty of things to shoot!

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There was even some Tomfoolery!!

Fun was had by all. This was one of my more successful ideas. I am currently hatching plans to start practice for some tactical shooting competitions. I am even going to sell my Glock handgun to upgrade to a 1911 style .45. If you want in on some of this fun, hit me up here or on facebook. Love to shoot with you!!

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